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Headquartered in HangZhou China, EcooGraphix is a leading international CTP and plate provider who place great emphasis on R&D, manufacturing, market development and technical support. With one of the largest CTP manufacturing facilities and plate production lines, EcooGraphix supplies Thousands of printers worldwide with superior quality CTP equipment and CTP plates.


Our Vision is to become an international leader within the Pre-Press and Printing Industry. Through Professionalism, Innovation, Efficiency and Superior Products we hope to achieve this goal.


Since 2010, EcooGraphix Thermal CTP and UV CTP Machines have gained a fine reputation for high quality engineering and reliability, incorporating market leading design features. EcooGraphix Thermal and UV Plates are regarded as one of the world’s top brands for quality and consistency.


EcooGraphix has established international distribution and service  networks in over 45 countries worldwide. Significant market successes have been achieved in countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, UK, Hungary, Turkey, South Africa, Greater Africa and China. With an average annual growth of 20% in the last three years, EcooGraphix is quickly gaining international market share and recognition. EcooGraphix has teams of internationally experienced technical experts and professionals drawn from the Printing Industry. We offer tailored CTP and plate solutions to Commercial, Packaging and Newspaper Printers as well as Output Centers with non-stop technical support. With a deep and profound knowledge of global Printing Industries, EcooGraphix is well positioned to become your choice of supply for best quality CTP machines and plate products. 

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