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• 1993 Team participated in Founder Eagle Rip engineering

• 2000 Team participated in ex-Creo CTP engineering

• 2003 Team in charge of ex-Creo CTP product marketing in Asia Pacific region

• 2010 EcooGraphix was founded

• 2012 EcooSetter 800 manual CTP and Ecoo thermal CTP plates have been launched in Europe at Drupa 2012, signed distributors in       Hungary, Mexico, Turkey, Niageria, South Africa, UK, Czech Republic, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Brasil and China.

• 2013  EcooSetter installed first 100 customers worldwide and Ecoo CTP plate installed first 200 customers; Released 800 automatic CTP series and Ecoo UV CTP plates  

• 2014 EcooSetter installed 40 units in Turkey, over 100 units in Europe, over 50 units in Africa, over 200 units in China, Released VLF thermal and UV CTP 1600 M and 1600S

• 2015 Full automatic CTP 800 online CTP model released, Ecoo-TSR double layer thermal plate released

• 2016 attended Drupa 2016 and signed up distributors in USA, Australia, Ecuador, Dominic Republic, Tajikistan and etcs; EcooSetter CTP entered USA and Canada Market

• 2017 Ecoo-G Processless thermal plate released, Ecoo Flexo CTP released

• 2018 EcooSetter Q superfast CTP full automatic 256 channel released (50 plates per hour, with autoloader integrated, Internal Punch), Ecoo-G Generation II processless plate released.

• 2019 EcooSetter installation in USA reached 50 units, No.1 seller ctp from China in USA. EcooSetter 400 full automatic CTP Q model released.

• 2020 Fully released lifetime warranty program on CTP machines in conjunction with using EcooGraphix plates.

• 2021 Ecoo-G processless plate has reached over 50 customers across South America, North America, African countries and European countries. Ink pickup ready time is very fast and run length and quality are very stable.    

Total worldwide EcooSetter CTP installations reached over 1200 units across 50 countries, Ecoo plate customers reached over 600 printers.

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