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Prinergy Evo

Prinergy Evo
The Prinergy Evo of Kodak adopts a powerful solution to control pre-press production and it thus ensures an outstanding performance as well as high-quality output.
The Prinergy Evo bases its working process on the popular PDF treatment technology and functions in pre-check, standardization, color management, trapping and optimization. In view of the visualized user interface, self-training and self-support, the working process of Prinergy Evo can operate simply and efficiently and also reduce the costs significantly. By virtue of the design of modularization and extension, the system is quite flexible and it will simplify the processing and lower the costs on production.
Strengths in Working Process of Prinergy Evo:
1. Flexible connection. It can output to the CTP equipment of offset printing and flexographic printing, offset presses with direct imaging, common proofing devices and digital printing press.
2. High quality. It is in support of Kodak screening software, including Kodak staccato  screening, AM screening with multi-lines, Kodak Maxtone CX screening and Kodak HyperFlex software of resolution ratio lifting.
3. Reliable and efficient handling. Output is raised by virtue of the powerful, flexible, automatized working process based on templates as well as the very popular Prinergy PDF technology.
4. Longer period of normal operating. High production efficiency of pre-printing and printing presses is ensured by automatic error report, online trouble removal and support.
5. Overall integration. Software options allow the user to import patch-up information, designate digital printout and export the preset parameters of ink button trough JDF.
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