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EcooSetter Flexo FL-800E CTP 
Laser Channel: 16-channel 
Output Speed: 1.25㎡/h  
Max. Breadth: 31" x 26"/ 800mm x 660mm
Plate Thickness: 0.15mm - 1.7mm
Laser Power: High power semiconductor laser diode
Plate Type: Heat corrosive film, Digital relief flexo plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (water-wash), Digital flexo plate (Solvent-wash) 
Application: Label and trademark
Resolutions: 4000dpi
Plate Loading: Manual load and unload
Interface: USB2.0
Focus adjust: Dynamic auto-focus
Device Size: 1630x1170x965mm (WxDxH)
Net Weight: 800Kg
Power: 220V/50Hz, 60Hz, mainframe 1.5KW + Vacuum 1.1KW
Environment: Recommended temperature: 18-30℃ Humidity: 10-80%
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