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Equipped with various flexible modes of free makeup, the postRIP is applied to the makeup with folded hands, as well as consecutive makeup and drying.
It adopts a mode of makeup after the RIP so that it is quite compatible and is able to connect with any typesetting software. The postRIP produces safe and reliable 1-bit tiff files in large plate after the makeup is finished.
It is capable of digital proofing and of the filmsetting output and direct CTP platemaking of the same files after the digital proofing is confirmed.
Key Features of postRIP (Complete) 
The mode of post-RIP makeup is in support of all typesetting software, such as Adobe, Founder and Wavering Lights.
It is in support of patch-up in all binding types, such as saddle stitching and perfect bound.
It is in support of consecutive drying of an image, manual consecutive drying of multiple images, automatic arrangement and several color plates can be arranged in the same film.
It is in support of patch-up of pages in special color.
It provides trim line, fold line, overprinting line, cross curve, angular line, mean line, color code, control stripe, makeup text, printing text and so on for various films and forms.
Pages can be set out singly or by batch.
It is in support of page-spreading makeup.
It is in support of controlling by automatic and manual gripper edges.
Single chromatic pages can be seen throughout the process of patch-up.
The treatment of modification for single page or multipage is very simple, until the exposure. 
The re-output of the whole operation, due to error correction, is unnecessary, even in the face of exposure.
Proofing PDF files, for customers’ confirmation, will be produced by files from post-RIP screening page by page after the large makeup is finished.
RIP is capable of handling specified operation while it is working in other systems. Its operating efficiency is not impacted by large makeup or output.
Different points and modes of screening are allowed to coexist in the makeup, because of independent pages.
The number of clients to be installed is infinite, with the function of Client-Serve.
postrip.i32—plug-in unit of RIP output driver.
postrip.i32 provides RIP with the direct interface of postRIP.
Imposition Client—client-side software of large makeup.
It establishes various templates, operates the specific makeup and produces files in large plate.
ImageHarbor—export server.
It can not only export finished large plates into files of 1-bit tiff or contone tiff, but also drive output equipment directly.
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