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ECOO-G(Processless CTP Plate)

ECOO-G(Processless CTP Plate)
Model: ECOO-G
Plate Type: Non-ablation thermal-negative type
processing: Without processing, directly on press
Exposure energy required: 3-150 mj/ cm2
Resolution: 1-99% @200Lpi AM/20u FM and mixture
Spectral sensitivity: 800-850nm
Run-length: 100,000 impressions, actual run length depengds on printing conditions
Gauges: 0.15mm / 0.30mm
Safe Light: 1 hour under fluorescent lamp, no direct irradiation with natural light, 4 hours under yellow light
Transportation and Storage: Packed in seal and stored by meas of preventing from light/moisture, over heat and high humidity.
Recommended conditions: 18-24, 40%-50%RH.
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